Screening Room


The final days of a young man arrive with a mysterious letter.

Upon This Rock-Documentary Short

An examination of monastery life around a one hundred thirty foot rock outcrop upon which a monk hopes to live and become the first stylite there in six hundred years. Upon This Rock is also prologue to The Stylite, a creative feature length documentary still in development. Runtime: 21Min

Impressions of a Man Lost

After a farcical dream in which the creation and eventual destruction of the world is told to him, a man awakens on an unknown train roiled in a spiritual and existential crisis. This film provides the archetype and inspiration for the pilgrim character in The Stylite.

Moviemaker Magazine Interview

Interview with writer/director Stephen Riehl at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, California during the premiere of Upon This Rock.


Award winning experimental short.
A writer finds that a masterpiece comes with a price.

Only A Week

Over the course of a week, a life insurance salesman loses the will to live, a funeral beautician finds solace in the dead and a child, taken before his time, is the bridge between.

#1-I was here

A misty beach, footprints to the sea, sky...
Originated as a silent piece, the score was inspired by the imagery.

#2-Bonsai in a Thimble

A man sets out on a path.
Originated as a musical piece, the self referential theme inspired the idea of a doppleganger.

The Doll

This was an initial test for a stop motion short film in development.

The Silence

A remote community unravels in the midst of a mysterious event. This feature film is currently in development.


After another fight between her parents, a young girl takes matters into her own hands-again.

Ghosts of Slane Hill

A brief journey through the haunting ruins of Ireland's Slane Abbey where history and mythology merge.