Our Vision

vision. dream. illusion. apparition.

The varied meaning of the Japanese word Maboroshi is an apt description of the nature of film and informs our atmospheric style.


We currently have two narrative features, a creative documentary and two short films slated for production.
Work will soon begin on Ningyo, the final film of the Cycle of Solitude. Stigma is now available in the screening room.
Preparatory work on the features and documentary are ongoing.

The Silence

After losing his wife, a pastor accepts a transfer to a small church on a picturesque island hoping to put the past behind him only to find that the biggest trial of his life is yet to come.

The Stylite

On a park bench among jack hammers and bulldozers tearing through the history of his ancient city, an unknown traveller is compelled to embark on a contemplative journey.


In the waning years of the Old West, travellers passing through Kansas begin to go missing while a local family slips away quietly in the middle of the night.

Cycle of Solitude

A cycle of three minimalist one actor experimental films in which solitude, creativity and obsession are examined.


An ongoing series of creative exercises in which writer/director Stephen Riehl and sound designer/composer Shawn Kelly experiment with the nature of collaboration.


After witnessing another argument between her parents, a young girl discovers that she happens to have a very special gift.

In Development
shorts and features

In the waning years of the Old West, a murder mystery unfolds on the Kansas plains. Betrayed and left for dead, the famous Henry Hudson is set adrift on a skiff never to be heard from again. An unknown traveller is compelled to take a journey of contemplation.
A young woman sets off on a road-trip after receiving disturbing and life altering news.

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