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A closely knit island community begins to unravel when morning comes without a sun. Paranoia, panic and religiosity grows. The new pastor tries to keep the community together but there's a demagogue among them. Amid this chaos, a little girl,a would-be suicide,and an artist will lead the people to the sea.

In a rapidly modernizing city, an unknown traveller is inexplicably called to embark on a contemplative journey through his ancient country. The Stylite is a creative documentary that will utilize narrative, experimental, and documentary elements to present the inner workings of a spiritual life.

Labette County, Kansas 1870s
Travelers on the Great Osage Trail begin to disappear. Eager to clear the name of the community, locals agree to have their property searched.
The Bender property, however, was found deserted with secrets buried beneath.

After a routine physical exam, a young woman is shocked to hear that she is HIV positive. After much soul searching and self-reflection, she decides to embark on a road trip to find and notify her past partners of her diagnosis and perhaps confront the person who gave it to her.

Spring 1611
After enduring a long hard winter on the shores of James Bay, Henry Hudson's crew, weary and ready to return to England, mutinied when he indicated that he planned to continue his life long search for the fabled Northwest Passage. The Great Navigator was set adrift on a skiff with his young son and a handful of loyalists never to be heard from again. This is the story of what happened after the mutinous ship receded slowly from their strained and wind chapped eyes.

The third in a series of creative documentaries that will explore the role of contemplation and spirituality in an information saturated world.
Mt. Athos or The Athonite State is an autonomous theocratic society within the Greek Republic. There has been a continuous Christian presence there for eighteen hundred years. Dedicated solely to asceticism and contemplation, history has moved with the waves of the Adriatic round it's rocky shores.