Creating unique works that reflect the inner life.

The Stylite
a creative documentary

An unknown traveller, drawn from a bustling and rapidly modernizing city, sets out on an epic journey of contemplation and discovery.

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As for me, I'm following their path. - Father Maxim


Our feature films are a combination of short subject experiments, documentary naturalism, and a preference for contemplative human stories.


We prefer to present stories as they are without injecting them with commentary. It is up to the viewer to interpret what is being documented.


The short subject enables us to push boundaries of
narrative storytelling through experimentation.
We are always looking into how best to tell a story.

The Silence
a narrative feature

Morning comes without a sun.
A suicide witnesses a miracle.
An island community unravels.

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The great truth has great silence. - Rabindranath Tagore

Latest news

Ghosts of Slane Hill is now available on Amazon Prime.

Stigma Release

Stigma is now available on Amazon Prime.

Team Maboroshi

Stephen Riehl

Film and writing has always been an interest, but he never really pursued it until after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of nineteen. During the year he spent in treatment, he used writing as an outlet through which he dealt with his sickness. After returning from a year of study in Japan he founded Maboroshi Productions. He has since written and directed numerous commercials and short films.

Bryce Dorey

Bryce has been involved with Maboroshi Productions since the beginning, helping Stephen Riehl to set up the company in 2001. He has acted as Producer and Production Manager on many of the early Maboroshi productions. After taking a step back to run his computer consulting company he has returned as a key member of the team.

Shawn Kelly

Shawn joined the team to create the soundscape for Only A Week (2003). He has since been a close collaborator with writer/director Stephen Riehl. Shawn is a self taught musician who specializes in creating atmospheric soundscapes that are often characters in themselves. When he is not working on the latest Maboroshi production he is working on various musical projects.